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Yoga-Mad Evolution Yoga Mad Mat 4mm

Yoga-Mad Evolution Yoga Mad Mat 4mm

  • This Evolution Eco Yoga Mat combines an excellent grip and is very soft to touch with the stylish double-sided design.

  • This mat provides great cushioning, is very light and easy to transport.

  • Equally importantly the TPE material used in its manufacture is kinder on the environment than normal yoga mats which rely heavily on PVC and is recyclable and degradable.

  • The mat comes with a convenient colour co-ordinated carry string.

  • Care instructions - The Yoga-Mad Evolution yoga mat is made from closed cell foam (TPE) so it is non-absorbent.

  • To clean your mat simply wipe clean using a clean damp cloth and a small amount of eco-friendly soap with water.

  • DO NOT use harsh chemicals on your mat and be careful not to over scrub the mat as this may damage the surface.

  • For a more intensive clean, add 200ml of white vinegar to a bath tub of warm water and soak for up to 30 minutes. Rinse with clean water and towel dry.

  • DO NOT machine wash or put through a spin cycle or spin dry.


Product Code: KFM110RE

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