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 10% discounts available on orders for all Schools and Colleges.


Whats Your Sport

We stock a huge range of essential team-sport accessories for schools and colleges with added discounts available on most items in store on bulk buy orders. We cater for a diverse range of sporting activities including Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Dodgeball, Table Tennis, GAA and Racketball to name just a selection.

Not only can we provide your teams with all they need to compete we also kit out team members with a range of uniforms, hoodies, sweat shirts, PE kits etc all embroidered, printed and personalised to your requirements

Why not use the form below to get a quote. Add in your school or college details to avail of our special added discounts on offer.

Need a little help? We will get right back to you with our recommendations and any advice we can offer, alongside a no obligation quote to ensure you get the very best deal from Kit Stop

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