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Enertor Comfort Heel Cup

Enertor Comfort Heel Cup



Ideal for when you are wearing a leather shoe or find that your heel is suffering on impact. Heel Cups stick to the shoe to prevent movement when walking and can be transferred to other shoes as and when required. Benefits: Reduction of pressure on heel impact giving increased protection to that tend to suffer from heel pain.

The insoles have been tested extensively by independent experts and the British Armed forces and are the only insoles proven to help heal Plantar Fasciitis. They are suitable for diabetics and those recently recovering from leg surgery. The insoles improve muscle function, reduce pain and fatigue and are extremely flexible.

Key benefits:

  • Deep heel cup with extra cushioning
  • Perfect for any type of formal shoes including high-heels
  • Also suitable for trainers, hiking boots and work boots, when there is limited space for full-length insoles
  • Adhesive backing ensures secure fit
  • Extra-cushioning on heel provides maximum relief from heel pain from Sever's or Plantar Fasciitis
  • Durable - lasts over 7 times as long as standard insoles
  • Improves muscle function, reduces fatigue
  • Certified Class1 Medical device
  • Suitable for diabetics and those
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