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Fitness Mad Balance Pod Dome

Fitness Mad Balance Pod Dome

  • Increase your coordination, improve your balance and challenge your core with these Balance Pods by Fitness-Mad.

  • Designed to help develop your core strength muscles such as your abdomen, back and pelvis by adding extra challenge to numerous bodyweight exercises.

  • They also help to improve your balance which can help with body toning and posture.

  • These domes feature a flat side and a dome side covered with small spikes, meaning you can use them flat or dome side up for varying levels of difficulty.

  • Ideal for physiotherapists, sports therapists, personal trainers and fitness instructors to use for programmes for their clients, or for home use.

  • Sold in pairs.

  • Improve coordination, body awareness and dynamic balance.

  • Use either side for an extra workout challenge variation. Helps to build core strength.

  • Sold in pairs.

  • Dimensions - 8cm x 16.5cm diameter.

  • Material - PVC.

  • Maximum user weight - 100kg


Product Code: KFA281

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