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Head MX Cyber Elite Tennis Racket

Head MX Cyber Elite Tennis Racket



  • The Head tennis racket is recommended for beginners and intermediate players. Carbon fiber and crystalline alloy construction
  • Metallix technology, i.e. a specially developed, crystalline metal alloy is characterized by 1000 times smaller grains than traditional metal, which allowed for lower weight of the rocket and greater impact power
  • cover with adjustable shoulder strap

Technical data:

  • construction: graphite composite
  • weight (without tension): 265 g
  • racket length: 68.5 cm
  • string arrangement: 16x19 in
  • balance: 33.5 cm
  • head surface: 660 cm²
  • wrapper: factory
  • factory tension: yes
  • cover: yes


Product Code: B2B-

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