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Precision Elasticated Adhesive Bandage

Precision Elasticated Adhesive Bandage

  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage gives support and compression of the soft tissue.

  • Ideal for use around the ankles and knee

  • Specifically designed for injury prevention.

EAB is used to support joints and soft tissue strapping and immobilisation. Its strong adhesive helps it stay in place, even in the toughest environments. The Elastic Adhesive Bandage has been designed with a guide line down the centre of the tape. This helps facilitate an even application when using the different sized tapes. An easy unwind will give a better application therefore giving a good level of conformity. EAB Tape is popular in many sports however it is a favourite in rugby for rugby lifting supports on the thighs and giving extra strength to joints. As the tape is elasticated it is not designed to immobilise joints however it ideal for giving extra support to flexible joints like elbows and wrists.


Product Code: TRM114

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