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Aqua Sphere Baby Seat

Aqua Sphere Baby Seat


The swim seat, for Level One “Splashers”, is a wonderful way to have your little one in the water with you, but not clinging to you, so that she builds confidence in the water. Our swim seat has a unique catamaran shape and side air chambers to provide extra stability. Our design allows for a low and stable body position in the water so she can start to experience buoyancy. The low position also facilitates easy face-to-face interaction with you.


  • Buoyancy aid for child‘s first in water experience
  • Unique catamaran shape
  • Side air chambers provides stability
  • Low and stable body position in the water
  • Easy to assemble inflatable canopy
  • Designed to allow more intimate parental interaction with child
  • EN13138-3 type A tested and certified
  • Target age: Up to 2 years or 33lbs
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