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Karakal Gaelic Ball

Karakal Gaelic Ball


Karakal First Touch Go Games ball has been designed for children under the age of 8 to help them to develop and master the basic skills of gaelic football. The Karakal First Touch football is conducive to the physical and technical development of the players at that level.


The Karakal Quick Touch Gaelic football has been designed for the younger player under 10's to aid 
them in developing their playing skills in matches and training.


The Karakal Smart Touch Gaelic Ball is the final ball in the Go Games range for under 12s. This ball is slightly firmer and heavier than the previous two balls in the range. This ball gradually prepares the youth for working with a full weight ball and has been designed to promote development of the player over the competition "winning" mentality. Each football in the Go Game family has been developed for different levels to ensure physical and technical development.

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