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Swingball Classic

Swingball Classic


Swingball Classic is the perfect game to get everyone involved!

• Traditional ‘pole in the ground’ version!
• Includes 2 championship bats and a real tennis ball!
• Height adjustable pole up to 1.65cm.

Swingball Classic is a family favourite and is for use in the garden or on the beach. It's a great way to develop hand-eye co-ordination in younger players and is also ideal to play as a family. With a real tennis ball and championship spiral top, Swingball offers a superior playing experience. Comes complete with an integrated ground spike with an adjustable height up to 1.65 metres. The pole can be broken down into 3 sections for easy transport and storage. Also includes 2 durable championship bats which are able to resist the demands of even the most enthusiastic players.

Additional details:
Packaging size: 700mm x 80mm x 230mm
Recommended age: 5+
Number of players: 2


Product Code: 7282

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